Some News About My Upcoming Album...

2016-01-20 15:19:12 by Applesnitch

   Well guys, it appears that I have started 2016 with a writer's block. I have little inspiration, and I am not sure of what to do. About my 2016 album, Destiny, which will include 12 new songs, each one with the title of a different horoscopic being. I have 1 song completed, and another is a work in progress. I hope for the album to be out anytime within April to June of 2016. Thanks for the support guys, and don't forget to check me out on SoundCloud!


This is the first song in the album. The name was originally Genocide, but is now something else...


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2016-01-20 16:02:25


(Updated ) Applesnitch responds:

Oke then