About My Songs Being Deleted...

2016-02-15 16:58:30 by Applesnitch

   All of my previously made songs have now been deleted off of Newgrounds and SoundCloud, to make way for twelve newly produced songs by me! These songs will be available for free download, and so far three of the twelve are finished. Every song will be a dubstep song featuring my signature bass! Videos will also be going up on YouTube! I plan to become more social with these songs out! I look forward to proving myself to you all that I can make well-sounding music! Thank you for your time and I hope that the album will be coming out soon! Thanks guys! You are awesome!

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Thanks guys! You're the best!


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2016-02-24 13:25:04

Why you deleted all ur songs from NG? I didnt downloaded some i liked yet. :'/

Applesnitch responds:

Sorry about that. I needed to delete my songs because I was going to make room for my new album, which should come out on June 14th!