Eleven down, one to go!

2016-05-23 21:41:18 by Applesnitch

   Guys! I'm nearing the end of the production phase of the new album! You guys better be ready for this monster dubstep collection! So far, only Libra has yet to be completed; it should be done within two or three weeks. The release date is still set for June 14th, the reason being that my mother is pregnant once again! This was an extreme surprise for my entire family, and the C-Section is set for June 14th. You can expect the entire album to be uploaded in full then. Consider it an official welcoming of my sister into the world! Someday, I hope to be able to teach her the skills that it takes to make music. Don't forget to follow me on Newgrounds and SoundCloud to hear the album once it's out. I don't plan to release albums this way anymore, with there being a certain release date. The only reason that I did this was that the album's theme is the Zodiac beings, and I wanted to release them in order. You guys better get ready for Scorpio. It's an absolute monster... 


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