Entry #18

Destiny is Released!

2016-06-14 15:02:44 by Applesnitch

   The day is finally here! Destiny has been released, and for some reason, Newgrounds isn't letting me upload them all at once. I will try and get the album onto Newgrounds and SoundCloud ASAP! Please check me out on SoundCloud if you haven't already! Thanks!


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2016-06-24 09:45:39

NG has a cap on how many audio submissions you can upload per day, I believe. Not sure if it's 2, or 5...

Applesnitch responds:

Yep, it's actually four.


2016-07-27 01:47:07

I reviewed a couple of your tracks, and I really do like this album project! I feel like if this is what your music sounds like when you're just starting out, I can't wait to hear what your future songs sound like.

Applesnitch responds:

Thanks for those reviews. Four of the twelve songs haven't even been uploaded yet, but they are by far the best imo. I have gotten quite a bit of feedback from this album, and trust me. I knew about these problems that you mentioned. I was EXTREMELY rushed for time so most of the songs sound terrible. They would have been WAY WAY WAY better if I had the time.